New fire testing for next generation saunas -Hydramist water mist fire protection systems lead the way

In the rapidly growing market for saunas, safety remains paramount. As demand surges for sleek, modern designs with larger capacities, the need for advanced fire protection solutions becomes increasingly critical. The Hydramist range of fire protection specifically designed for saunas, is keeping ahead of these evolving needs and recently underwent a new series of tests to prove efficiency with both concealed and larger sauna heaters.

Watermist Ltd, operating under the brand name Hydramist, develops and manufactures water mist fire protection systems specifically for saunas.  Proven in tests by the Building Research Establishment to suppress sauna fires in less than two minutes, Hydramist fire protection systems also rapidly reduce the spread of smoke. This makes Hydramist the ideal choice for life safety, property protection and business continuity in the event of sauna fires.

Compact, clean and efficient sauna fire protection

Hydramist’s sauna fire protection system is characterized by its compact, clean, and efficient design. Powered by a small wall-mounted high-pressure water mist pump situated outside the sauna cabin, this system requires no water tank, drawing directly from the mains water supply.

The pump is connected to one or two water mist nozzles, depending on the size of the heater, located inside the sauna cabin. If a fire Is detected, the water mist nozzle emits a fine mist. Using only very small amounts of water, the fire is rapidly suppressed and smoke is absorbed into the water mist particles. Minimal clean-up operations are needed if a fire occurs and the sauna can quickly resume operations.

New fire tests for larger sauna heaters and concealed heaters

With the evolution of sauna designs, including larger and concealed heaters, Hydramist has risen to the challenge by conducting new rounds of fire testing. These tests have verified the system’s effectiveness in suppressing fires from larger heaters measuring up to 1.4 meters in length. Moreover, Hydramist has proven its capability in scenarios where heaters are concealed behind walls or beneath benches with protective safety meshes.

The results of these tests are unequivocal: Hydramist offers comprehensive, efficient fire protection for saunas of various configurations. For saunas with heaters measuring up to 750mm, whether concealed or open, a single Hydramist sauna water mist nozzle is sufficient. For larger heaters ranging from 750mm to 1400mm, two water mist nozzles powered by a single Hydramist pump ensure optimal coverage and safety.

For hotels, gyms and spas seeking expert advice on the most efficient fire protection solutions for their saunas, Watermist and its international network of installers are ready to assist you. Contact us at to learn more about safeguarding your sauna facility and to find your local Watermist expert.

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