Hydramist water mist systems are versatile and can be employed in various applications, including custodial premises, rail infrastructures, banks, archives, commercial kitchens, data rooms, biomass facilities, food factories and more. Discover more about our range of fire protection applications.

Bespoke Engineered Solutions

Watermist Ltd specializes in providing tailor-made water mist fire protection solutions to safeguard lives, property, and assets.

Water Mist Fire Protection for Food Manufacturing

Safeguard your food manufacturing plants from fire hazards with Hydramist

Fire protection for Crossrail’s Elizabeth Line

Hydramist water mist fire protection solutions  selected for safeguarding Farrington and Woolwich stations.

Water mist fire protection for archives at Network Rail

Discover advantages of Hydramist fire protection for archives

Water mist for biomass – case study E.ON Energy

See how Hydramist protects E.ON Energy biomass dept in Liverpool.

Case study – Fire Safety at Dorsett Regency Hotel

Discover Hydramist advantages for optimised hotel fire suppression and aesthetics


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