Water Mist Fire Protection for Detention and Immigration Centres: A Case Study

An Oxfordshire-based detention centre had suffered a series of deliberately started fires, some of which had resulted in serious injuries and caused large scale damage. A fast efficient fire system, able to resist challenging environments was urgently needed. Hydramist water mist fire protection solutions, specifically developed for custodial facilities, were chosen.

Custodial Fire Challenges

According to annual UK Home Office reports, over 90 percent of fires in custodial facilities are deliberately started. While fire poses a significant risk to both detainees and staff, the spread of smoke is the primary cause of serious injuries.

Effective fire protection solutions for custodial facilities must rapidly suppress fires, control smoke spread, and withstand attempts to damage or tamper with the equipment.

Hydramist Fire System for the Oxfordshire Detention Center

Watermist Ltd and its approved UK installation specialist, Fireworks Fire Protection designed a fast, effective water mist fire protection system for the detention centre. The system features Hydramist anti-ligature water mist nozzles, specifically for custodial environments, located in each cell.

In the event of fire, a  Hydramist mist pump powers water under high pressure to the affected cell nozzles only.  The water mist emitted by the nozzles is drawn straight to the heart of the flame, even in areas that would be difficult for traditional sprinklers to reach.

Proven in rigorous tests and real-life fire incidents, the Hydramist system significantly improves life safety by suppressing cell fires within minutes and reducing smoke levels to maintain a breathable environment. As only very small amounts of water are used, there is minimal disruption to detention centre when the system is activated.

Rapid Installation for Temporary Detention Centers and Live Custodial Environments:

Compared to traditional sprinkler systems, the Hydramist system offers faster installation due to its smaller components and pipe fittings. This advantage makes it suitable for installation in live prison environments or temporary detention centres, where minimizing disruptions and ensuring swift deployment are crucial.

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