Understanding how Hydramist Water Mist Fire Protection Systems work

Hydramist offers a range of water mist systems, including both automated and manually-operated options.

Water mist systems work by emitting a fine mist of water that acts quickly and directly at the point of fire. The small droplet size creates a large surface area that rapidly cools the fire and surrounding surfaces. Mist penetrates deep into the fire and reaches areas that are difficult to access with traditional sprinkler systems. Water mist systems also act by depriving the fire of oxygen.

The fire is rapidly suppressed and the cooling properties prevent reignition.  Hydramist water mist systems are also proven to rapidly reduce the spread of smoke and toxic gases.


Efficient and Effective: Automated Water Mist Systems

Automated systems utilize high pressure pumps connected to water mist nozzles, selected based on the specific risk to be protected. For more information, visit water mist nozzles. Hydramist pumps are available in different sizes to suit various facilities, from large buildings to small systems like saunas or restaurant kitchens.

When activated by heat or smoke, the pump is triggered to deliver water under high pressure to the nozzles, emitting ultra-fine mist particles that rapidly combat fire, smoke, and heat. As the water mist droplets are much smaller than regular water droplets, they offer unparalleled cooling properties that prevent re-ignition of fires. This also means minimal disruption to normal operations due to the small amounts of water used.


Flexible and Fast: Manually Operated Water Mist Systems

Hydramist’s manually-operated water mist systems work on the same principle, with wall-mounted hose reel cabinets and mobile units equipped with hand-held lances fitted with high pressure water mist nozzles. These systems are fast and easy to use, and operators can be trained in minutes.

Thanks to the fast suppression of fires and low water usage of water mist systems, normal operations can be resumed quickly.


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