Hydramist water mist hose reel cabinets

ydramist water mist hose reel cabinets are ideal for a range of fire protection risks installations and are proven to suppress fire, heat and smoke in minutes. All are tested and approved for solid and liquid fires.

Read on to discover our HRC, MHRU2 and HRC 2 water mist hose reel cabinets designed to protect different kinds of facilities  – or call us on +44 (0) 800 731 9288 to discuss your project.

Compact, fast to install and easy to maintain

All Hydramist hose reel cabinets are compact, fast and easy to install in new buildings, or retrofit into existing ones.

Get Back to Business in Minutes with Hydramist Hose Reels: Rapid Fire Suppression and Low Water Usage

Hydramist hose reels uses around 70% less than the water required by traditional hose reels – but still deliver faster fire and heat suppression. Low water use means you can be back to business in minutes – and it’s better for the environment.

Hydramist hose reel cabinets are easy to use with their integrated lance triggers and operators can be trained in minutes.


HRC Water Mist Hose Reel Cabinet – designed for prisons and custodial facilities

If you’re looking for fire protection solutions for custodial facilities, our HRC water mist hose reel cabinet is the perfect solution. It’s used by over 200 prisons and custody facilities  and it’s designed for ultra-fast suppression of fire, heat, and smoke

The HRC is an easy-to-operate solution for ultra-fast suppression of fire, heat and smoke. The wall-mounted, high-security, lockable steel cabinet is robust and can withstand the most challenging prison environments. It houses a complete hose reel assembly with 50 metres of  impact-resistant hose. The handheld lance is equipped with a Hydramist high-pressure water mist nozzle and optional torch.

For more information about the HRC and our range of fire protection solutions for the custodial sector, call us on +44 (0) 800 731 9288t.


Upgrade to Water Mist Fire Protection Made Fast and Easy with the Hydramist Modular Hose Reel Cabinet

Our modular water mist hose reel cabinet, the MHRU2, is an all-in-one unit that’s easy to retrofit into any building and is a great low-cost option for quickly gaining the safety benefits of water mist fire protection.

The MHRU2  is designed for easy retrofitting into existing  hose reel cabinets. This all-in-one solution houses a compact high pressure water mist pump, an electrical unit and a 35 metre hose reel with water mist nozzle. All you need to add is connection to a mains water supply and single phase electrical power!

Perfectly adapted for a wide range of building facilities, from banks to schools and prison facilities. The MHRU2 has been tested in association with the Ministry of Justice and the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE).



HRC 2 – The latest water mist hose reel cabinet  – combine best fire protection with elegant design

With its slimline, elegant design, and -fast fire suppression capabilities, the HRC 2 water mist hose reel cabinet is ideal for any building – including banks, schools, shops and offices. The HRC 2 is tested and proven for solid and liquid fires.

This compact water mist hose reel cabinet is available in red or stainless-steel finishes and incorporates a 50m hose and a hand-held lance with a high-pressure water mist nozzle. The  lance can be supplied with an integrated torch option.

New water mist hose reel innovations:

The HRC2 has a dual-action water mist nozzle which can be used to emit water mist or a jet spray.

The HRC 2 only requires 17 litres of water per minute, compared to traditional hose reels with an average water flow rate of 65 litres per minute!

One HRC 2 unit can protect an area of up to 7,800m2 against Class A and Class B fires.


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