World Solutions

Hydramist Fire Protection. Global reach.

Hydramist Fire Protection Products are designed and manufactured by Watermist Limited (UK) for the Global market.

In its first 10 years (since 2006) Hydramist’s range of products has focused on custodial applications, restaurants, leisure industry, hotels, archives, heritage buildings, data centres, power infrastructure & renewable energy.

Hydramist is a leading UK high pressure watermist manufacturer and is actively participating and advising the committees for the two new British Standards BS8458 and BS8489.

Publication of these British standards is expected to set a high standard of integrity and efficacy for watermist fire protection systems worldwide. Our work with the Standards committees ensures that our equipment complies with the latest technical specifications.

Hydramist accreditations include LPCB LPS1223, ISO9001, CEN/TS14972:2011 OH1 fire test (third party certificated by Lloyds Register).

We work closely with our distributors to develop and expand our range of real fire tested products; this ensures Hydramist products are the most relevant and effective solution for your fire protection requirements.

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