Hose Reel Cabinet 2 (HRC2)

  • EN3-7 Compliant
  • Class A & Class B fires
  • Stainless steel option
  • Dual action spray
  • 50m hose reel length 

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Compact, Low-profile, High-Pressure Water Mist Hose Reel, EN3-7 Class A & Class B rated

The Hydramist HRC2 provides rapid and effective fire extinguishment and suppression of Class A Solid Fuel and Class B Liquid Fuel fires. Designed for use in applications such as banks, food factories, hospitals, offices, large open and back-of house areas. The delivery lance, with the unique switchable dual spray nozzle, is an easy to use fire protection system 


  • Low flow single body dual spray nozzle

  • Fires can be supressed from up to 12 metres using the Jet spray

  • Simple and approved design

  • Uses clean potable water

  • Installed as a standalone unit with Hydramist 18 APU pump

  • Installed as part of a centrally distributed high-pressure fire protection system



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