MPS Pump Range

  • Compliant with BS8489
  • Modular constuction 
  • 100 to 1000+ L/min Flow 140 bar 
  • Pressure range up to 140 bar 
  • Low start current version available
  • Optional integral water tank
  • Optional remote monitoring/warning/control

MPS Modular Pump Product Range 

400MPS 3546x5034.jpgThe MPS pumpset design provides flow rates of 100 to 1000+ L/min via a modular chassis arrangement. All MPS Pumpsets are compliant with BS8489 and are available with optional water tank and communication module

  • BS8489 compliant
  • Onboard water filtration, optional water tank
  • On board jockey pump 
  • Pre-Action version available
  • Expandable in modules of 100 to 1000+ L/min
  • Sequential motor start up and optional current reduction start 

The Hydramist MPS Pump system supplies a maximum flow of between 100 - 1000+ litres/min at up to 140 bar via a direct coupled motor and pump unit. The MPS range is supplied complete with a water filter on the potable water inlet manifold to ensure the pumps are supplied with clean water at all times. The requirement for only 1 Bar pressure for incoming water supply maximises the potential for utilising an existing on site water supply and reduces overall system cost, an optional water break tank can be fitted at the clients request.  

An optional state of the art communication module allows fast status reporting of 20 operating conditions enabling appropriate decisions to be made from anywhere in the world. A Hydramist pre-action compressor set and interface is available for the MPS range where conditions require the pipework to be air filled in standby state. The MPS range is robust and compact; and has multiple lifting points plus fork lift channels for safe and easy installation of the pumpset on-site.