Hose Reel Cabinet

  • Connects to a Hydramist fixed pump set
  • Lockable steel cabinet
  • Hose reach 35 - 50 metres
  • Connects to Hydramist pump set

Fixed Hose Reel Cabinet

Modular Hose Reel UnitThe Hydramist fixed hose reel cabinet can be installed anywhere that a conventional hose reel is used

Used extensively within the United Kingdom prison service for fighting fires in cells and accommodation areas

  • Extensive range with long hose reach (35m / 50m)
  • Easy to use fire fighting lance and simple controls
  • Maximum fire suppression with minimal water use
  • Dramatically reduces smoke spread from the fire
  • Installed in over 150 UK Prisons and detention centres

The Hydramist hose reel cabinet comprises of a hose reel assembly, 35 metres or 50 metres of high pressure impact resistant hose, and fire fighting lance.

The Hydramist hose reel cabinet is connected to a Hydramist fixed pump unit using high pressure stainless steel tubing and strategically positioned to give maximum coverage.

Hydramist hose reel cabinets can be wall, surface or flush mounted.