APU Pump Range

  • Compact Wall Mounted pumpsets
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing pressure
  • Advanced PLC Control
  • Expandable via Main / Secondary arrangement
  • No Re-charge costs after activation
  • 3rd Party Approval in progress


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Small, Versatile, Expandable,Cost effective 

The Hydramist APU pressure sensor activated wall mounted Hydramist system 


APU 15 and 18 image.jpg
  • Available in 15L/min (single phase) and 18L/min (three phase) versions

  • Available in 50Hz or 60Hz versions

  • Available in 220-240Vac Single Phase and 400-415Vac three phase versions

  • Expandable to 60L/min using a 15L/min Main and 3 x 15L/min Secondary units 

  • Expandable to 72L/min using a 18L/min Main and 3 x 18L/min Secondary units 

  • Same dimensions for Main and Secondary units

  • Same wall mounting arrangements for Main and Secondary units

  • Stainless Steel Covers and Bi Colour status LED for Main and Secondary units 

  • Activated by frangible bulb equipped nozzle or via seperate fire detection system and valve 

  • Pressure for incoming water is monitored for low pressure fault condition 

  • PLC Controller provides accurate control and fault condition logging

  • Operates as Jockey pump to provide system integrity monitoring 

  • Sequential start-up on demand of Main/Secondary arrangements reduces power consumption