Kitchen Protection

  • Activates in under 10 seconds
  • Extinguishes fire completely
  • No Clean Up Necessary
  • No Down Time
  • No Re-charge costs after activation
  • 3rd Party Approved to LPCB LPS 1223

Insurer Approved

The World's 1st LPS 1223 Approved Watermist Kitchen Fire System

15AMPU and 18AMPU

Fire is the most damaging and disruptive event that any business has to face, such events not only place people at risk but can also result in loss of customers and orders for days, weeks or even years.

The Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system has achieved approval by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to LPS1223 standard.

In real life use the Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system enables the kitchen to return quickly to an operational condition even after a fire.

The Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system requires only a normal mains drinking water (potable) supply and 240V - both of which are widely available in a commercial or domestic kitchen.

The system is housed in a small wall mounted box - ensuring that no floor space is lost by installing this system and its effective and efficient method of fire protection means that "Fire out in seconds, Kitchen back in minutes, Service for years."

Fast and Effective

The Hydramist® kitchen fire suppression system uses tap water to generate mist that effectively smothers fire and prevents re-ignition. It is fast and effective and is proven to work in under 10 seconds. Minimal clean up after fire means kitchens can get back to normal operation in moments.