Case Study: Saunas and the Leisure Industry


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The Hydramist 15AMPU is the world's first LPS1223 approved high pressure watermist system designed for fighting deep fat fryer fires.

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Saunas and the Leisure Industry


Recent fires involving saunas have resulted in the insurers reassessing the risk potential and solutions for buildings containing saunas.

Description of Risk: Accidental fire or arson caused within the Sauna enclosure.

USP's for Hydramist:

  • Tested to CENTS14972 : 2011 using a robust fire test protocol which replicates the worst fire scenarios 
  • Fast and effective control and suppression of fire (within 1 Minute 55 seconds as per BRE tests)
  • Minimum post fire damage and clean up
  • Easily retro fitted into the sauna/steam room due to the small bore stainless steel piping
  • Only 1 x nozzle per sauna within the risk area
  • Short installation times required (typically one day)
  • Connects to on-site water supply  - no requirement for 3 bar pressure!
  • Powered by 240v pump 
  • Safe for people and the environment

Description of solution:

Following successful testing to EN TS14972 :2011, at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) facilty in Garston, Hydramist Sauna fire protection systems are now being installed as the equipment of choice for the major leisure facility providers.

In real fire testing the systems were activated rapidly by the fires - all fires were extinguished within 1 minutes 55 seconds from activation and minimal damage occurred in the saunas - all with only one nozzle operating per sauna! 

In all cases the fire damage was so minimal that the saunas could be dried out in under an hour and back in action.