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Browns Hotel London

The Shepherd's Bush Pavilion Hotel is a Grade II listed building in Shepherd's Bush, London.

Browns hotel represents one of the finest hoteliers in the world, its exclusivity and service has won many awards over the years. With fine dining room service required 24/7 the kitchens are protected with Hydramist equipment which ensures a rapid return to productivity in the event of a fire.

Description of Risk: Accidental fire or arson in a grade II listed historical building.

USPs for Hydramist:

  • Fast and effective control and suppression of fire
  • Quick return to operation after a fire
  • Minimal post fire damage and clean up
  • Easily retro fitted using small bore stainless steel pipe
  • Superior service life as stainless steel was used throughout the installation
  • Rapid project completion time & minimum footprint for equipment
  • Safe for people and the environment


A high pressure Hydramist fire protection system was chosen to protect the Browns Hotel , London. One of the main reasons Hydramist was preferred was its ability to quickly and effectively extinguish a fire as demonstrated by our successful testing to LPCB LPS1223 .

The Hydramist system is designed and installed to protect the kitchen 'back of house' zones.

Hydramist fire suppression systems deliver water as a fine atomised mist. This mist is quickly converted to steam which smothers the fire and prevents further oxygen from reaching it. During this process evaporation creates a cooling effect which blocks the transfer of radiant heat allowing Hydramist to combine the fire suppression properties of both conventional water-based sprinkler and gaseous systems.

Hydramist is very effective at fighting fires and with around 70% less water used then a conventional sprinkler system the collateral damage in the event of a fire, or false activation is limited.