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Case Study: EoN Bulk Terminal

EoN Liverpool Bulk Terminal chose Hydramist high pressure watermist equipment to cover the transfer towers and the conveyor belts at their site on the River Mersey. Flame detectors were also added as part of the detection with specialised nozzles being used to protect the conveyors from the risk of fires.

Requirements: A zonal Hydramist High Pressure Watermist System

Lyonsdale Biomass Chip Pile

Why Hydramist was chosen:

  • Fast and effective control and suppression of fire
  • Minimum water is used to suppress the fire
  • Expertly installed onto the new conveyors
  • Professionally installed on site
  • Rapid project completion time & accessibly positioned within the Conveyors
  • Fabrication can be assembled on site and adjusted to suit the application
  • Anti-corrosive Stainless Steel fittings and pipework ensuring maximum lifetime of the installation

The Solution:

EoN needed to cover the risk from fire when transporting wood pellets and wood chip on their conveyors from the ship into the BioMass store. From there the pellets are transported via the conveyors onto trains and lorries for distribution to the Ironbridge Power Station in Staffordshire. This was recently converted from coal to run on renewables. The fire suppression system was installed in zones allowing for each area to have one flame detector and a kentec panel per zone. In the event of a fire the area at risk is contained within a 30 meter section.