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Custodial: Anti-Ligature Nozzles

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Compact Wet Pump Unit

The Hydramist Compact Wet Pump Unit uses a combination of 15 and 18 litre/min high pressure pumps operating at 100 - 120 bar. A flow regulating by-pass valve ensures a constant pressure is achieved independently of the system flow demand. The unit can be configured to include pump redundancy, dependant on flow requirement.

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MPS Modular Pump System

The Hydramist MPS pump system supplies a range of flows from 100 to 1000+ litres/min at up to 140 bar via direct coupled motor and pumps. The MPS pump system is supplied complete with a water filter and optional water break tank; the MPS pump system complies with BS8489 and can be fitted with an optional communication module for remote control/warning/status information

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In-Cell Fire Protection for Custody Cells 

Responding to a request from the Home Office, Hydramist developed a range of In-Cell watermist fire protetcion nozzles with anti-ligature features for use in Police stations, Courts, Detention Centres and Prisons.

A key requirement of the design was that the anti ligature nozzles would remain intact in the event of an attempted suicide and not permit a ligature to be attached to the nozzle. The modification into an anti-ligature nozzle had to leave the performance characteristics of the original sidewall nozzle un-changed.

Description of Risk: UK Ministry of Justice and the UK home office chose Hydramist to protect their cell occupants from the affects of fire in police stations, courts, detention centres and prisons.

USP's for Hydramist

  • Fast and effective control and suppression of fire.
  • Easily retro fitted using small bore stainless steel pipe.
  • Nozzles installed in the cell wall using the duct for secure connection.
  • Robust Anti-Ligature design .
  • Approved for use by the UK Ministry of Justice , UK Home Office and Socttish Prison Service

Description of solution:

Hydramist's in-house design team generated several designs and then following evaluation of prototypes selected the nozzle which gave the best anti-ligature performance whilst retaining the operational characteristics of the original NOMS: 247405 fire tested sidewall nozzle .

A number of reliabilty tests were carried out to prove that the anti-ligature design would be robust enough for use within the prison environment.

The sucessful testing resulted in two variants, an open anti ligature nozzle which is activated via a smoke detector and control valve which is typically used in Police and Court cells, and a 57oC heat activated automatic nozzle which is typically used in UK prison cells.