Fire Prevention at Bridgend Police Custody Suites


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Bridgend Police Custody Suites

FP Hurley chose Hydramist watermist fire suppression systems for protecting the cells within the newly built police custody suite at Bridgend and Merthyr Tydfil.

Hydramist designed and supplied a total of six modular hose reels to suit this purpose. The Hydramist system is very effective as it has been proven during extensive testing with the Ministry of Justice to successfully suppress the fire at the first attempt and dramatically reduces the temperatures in the cell.

USP's for Hydramist

  • Fast and effective control and suppression of fire.
  • Easily retro fitted using small bore stainless steel pipe.
  • Rapid project completion time & accessibly positioned within the complex.

Description of solution:

The Hydramist Modular Hose Reel (MHRU2) fire fighting units consist of specially designed surface or recess mounted hose reel cabinets located in place of the existing standard hose reel cabinets. Each Hydramist MHRU2 cabinet will utilise a single integral high pressure pump, complete with a 35m high pressure hose reel, lance, and Hydramist prison specification nozzle (Approved for use bby MOJ, SPS and Home office).

Start and stop controls are contained within the hose reel cabinet. Each MHRU2 unit has two sets of volt free contacts that show  power healthy, pump running. These can be used to send a signal to a BMS if required.