Archive Store: Network Rail, York.


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Network Rail, York

The very latest Hydramist technology for fire fighting has been used to ensure historic and valuable documents held in the Network Rail Central Archive Store in York are protected by the most effective and efficient means.

Description of Risk: The bespoke warehouse archive facility in York contains an irreplaceable collection of rail-related documents dating back well over two hundred years. By installing the Hydramist system Network Rail knew that they would be protected by a 21st century fire protection and detection system helping to keep these priceless artifacts safe in the event of a fire.

USP's for Hydramist:

  • System designed to protect each individual storage area separately
  • Able to detect smoke before it was visible to the human eye.
  • The Hydramist high pressure system was linked to VESdA (Very Early Smoke detection Aspirator) detection in the archive areas and conventional point type detection in the escape routes, corridors and stairwells.
  • Fast and effective control and suppression of fire.
  • Easily retro fitted using small bore stainless steel pipe.
  • Nozzles installed within the existing suspended light rail.
  • Rapid project completion time & accessibly positioned within the complex.
  • Minimal aesthetic impact of the system.

Description of solution:

Following competitive evaluation and extensive testing the Hydramist High Pressure Watermist system was selected for this project.

A number of live fire tests with the Hydramist system demonstrated that stored materials suffered very minimal water damage and it was noted that the Hydramist system provided a greater level of fire suppression than other competing suppression systems on the market. Visual image was key and the requirement for minimal aesthetic impact of the system was easily satisfied by incorporating the nozzles within an existing suspended light rail.