Case Studies

Hotels & Leisure

Dorsett Regency Hotel, Shepherds Bush, London

A high pressure Hydramist system was specified for the protection of the Dorsett Regency Hotel. The system was chosen as it enabled easy retrofitting into the current building. The system has been fully fire tested to the latest European Watermist specifications 2011 to Ordinary Hazard one (OH1). The Hydramist system was installed in the public areas, bedrooms and back of house and was ...


Saunas and the Leisure Industry

A high pressure Hydramist system is recommended for the protection of saunas within hotels, leisure centres and even the home. Hydramist 15AMPU can cover the risk of fire in steam rooms and saunas. The system is recommended as it enables easy retrofitting into the current building and is the first system to be tested in accordance with CEN TS 14972 2011 Annexe B. ...


Fast Food: KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken chose the Hydramist 15AMPU for their recently opened restaurant in Norwich.

The Hydramist 15AMPU is the first product of it's type in the world to be included in the LPCB Red Book and it was chosen over the wet chemical alternatives.

The Hydramist 15AMPU was the perfect choice to protect the restaurant from the risk of fire. Until now restaurant ...


Custodial In-Cell Protection

Ministry of Justice chose Hydramist to protect the central law library at the Royal Supreme court in Westminster from the affects of fire.

Following competitive evaluation and extensive testing the Hydramist High Pressure Watermist system was selected for this project.

A number of live fire tests with the Hydramist system demonstrated that stored materials suffered very minimal water damage and it was noted ...


Hotels: Browns Hotel Central London

The risk of fire in hotels is always prevalent and safety is the utmost importance. HYDRAMIST fire suppression systems are installed in Browns Hotel, one of Londons most exclusive hotels and protects the risk from fire in their kitchens.

HYDRAMIST fire suppression systems deliver water as a fine atomised mist. This mist is quickly converted to steam which smothers the fire and prevents ...


Archive Store: Network Rail, York.

The very latest HYDRAMIST technology for fire fighting has been used to ensure historic and valuable documents held in the Network Rail Central Archive Store in York are protected by the most effective and efficient means.

The bespoke warehouse facility contains and irreplaceable collection of rail related documents dating back well over a hundred years. By introducing the HYDRAMIST system Network Rail now ...


Custodial: HMP Grampian

A Hydramist High Pressure watermist system was designed and installed for HMP Grampian in Scotland and protects both in cell and association areas within the Male, Female and Young Offenders Blocks.

The Hydramist system is very effective as it has been proven during extensive testing with the Ministry of Justice to successfully suppress the fire at the first attempt and dramatically reduces the ...


Bridgend Police Custody Suite

A Hydramist watermist fire suppression system for protecting the cells was designed and installed within the newly built police custody suite at Bridgend in South Wales.

Hydramist designed and supplied a total of six modular hose reels to suit this purpose. The Hydramist system is very effective as it has been proven during extensive testing with the Ministry of Justice to successfully suppress ...



Energy & Renewables

EoN Liverpool Bulk Terminal

EoN Liverpool Bulk Terminal chose Hydramist high pressure watermist equipment to cover the transfer towers and the conveyor belts at their site on the River Mersey.
A zonal Hydramist High Pressure Watermist System was designed to protect the 70 meter conveyors transferring wood pellets from the ship from the main terminal to the BioMass bulk store bofore their onward journey to the Ironbridge ...



IT & Communications

IT: RBS Data Centre

The RBS Group chose the Hydramist watermist technology for fire suppression to cover their data centres located throughout Edinburgh . Hydramist designed a local application solution to protect each rack within each data centre and the design and installation was replicated across all locations across the city. The Hydramist high pressure watermist system is very effective at extinguishing fire and the specially designed ...


Food Industry: Heinz and Phileas Fogg

The Hydramist high pressure watermist systems were chosen by Heinz and Phileas Fogg to protect their large industrial deep fat fryers from the risk of fire at their factories.

The Hydramist system had ungone extensive fire testing and research had proved that Hydramist is far more effective at both fire fighting and preventing re-ignition of the fire than the original CO2 system that ...


Food Industry: Greggs the Bakers

Hydramist designed a high pressure watermist system to protect the main factory fryers for Greggs The Bakers. The system allowed them to segregate the risk from the main factory in the event of a fire. The bespoke design was approved by both Greggs and their insurer and allowed to minimise any disruption to their business if a fire or flash over was to