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LPCB AMPU Approved Kitchen System

The Hydramist 15AMPU is the world's first LPS1223 approved high pressure watermist system designed for fighting deep fat fryer fires.

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Compact Wet Pump Unit

The Hydramist Compact Wet Pump Unit uses a combination of 15 and 18 litre/min high pressure pumps operating at 100 - 120 bar. A flow regulating by-pass valve ensures a constant pressure is achieved independently of the system flow demand. The unit can be configured to include pump redundancy, dependant on flow requirement.

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Custodial: Mobile 8 Mk2

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Retail and Commercial Fast Food Industry 

Restaurants : Nandos Chicken

Nandos chose the LPCB Approved Hydramist 15AMPU system as part of their refurbishment programme to replace the Wet Chemical systems installed previously in their kitchens.

The Hydramist 15ampu was the perfect choice to protect the restaurant from the risk of fire and enable Nandos to return to action quickly after a fire event.

The 15AMPU system is fast and effective with ...


Fast Food: KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken chose the Hydramist 15AMPU for their recently opened restaurant in Norwich.

The Hydramist 15AMPU is the first product of it's type in the world to be included in the LPCB Red Book and it was chosen over the wet chemical alternatives.

The Hydramist 15AMPU was the perfect choice to protect the restaurant from the risk of fire. Until now restaurant ...


Food Industry: Greggs the Bakers

Hydramist designed a high pressure watermist system to protect the main factory fryers for Greggs The Bakers. The system allowed them to segregate the risk from the main factory in the event of a fire. The bespoke design was approved by both Greggs and their insurer and allowed to minimise any disruption to their business if a fire or flash over was to


Food Industry: Heinz and Phileas Fogg

The Hydramist high pressure watermist systems were chosen by Heinz and Phileas Fogg to protect their large industrial deep fat fryers from the risk of fire at their factories.

The Hydramist system had ungone extensive fire testing and research had proved that Hydramist is far more effective at both fire fighting and preventing re-ignition of the fire than the original CO2 system that ...


Hydramist 15AMPU Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Hydramist 15AMPU versus Wet Chemical                                 - A Comparison Test