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LPCB AMPU Approved Kitchen System

The Hydramist 15AMPU is the world's first LPS1223 approved high pressure watermist system designed for fighting deep fat fryer fires.

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Data Centre Fire Protection

Over the last few decades Sprinklers and Gaseous systems have been installed in Data centres, however due to the amount of water expelled onto the fire, the room sealing work required, or simply the storage space of a sprinkler tank of gaseous cylinder bank - data centre managers wanted a better solution to Fire Protection.

Hydramist Fire Protection systems offer the latest technology for the protection of data centres. Insurers and end users are now realising that there is an alternative which does not take up valuable space, uses mist as the most efficient fire suppression medium, and does not require the room to be sealed for the system to work!

Using fast response 57c bulbs fitted to a Pre-Action Detection system, Hydramist systems eliminate false activations whilst being ready for rapid localised deployment in the event of a real fire.

Hydramist systems have been real fire tested and 3rd party witnessed for Ordinary Hazard 1 risks (which according to EN12845 include Data Room, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, restaurants, Libraries) to ensure the system works effectively.

Installation and Maintenance

Once a system has been installed it is essential they are maintained to the highest standards. Our distributors continue their excellent service by offering maintenance contracts. Without regular servicing and preventative maintenance, any fire suppression system will deteriorate in operational efficiency and possibly not work at all - leading to potentially disastrous consequences. They are able to provide a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year call-out service.


IT: RBS Data Centre

The RBS Group chose the Hydramist watermist technology for fire suppression to cover their data centres located throughout Edinburgh . Hydramist designed a local application solution to protect each rack within each data centre and the design and installation was replicated across all locations across the city. The Hydramist high pressure watermist system is very effective at extinguishing fire and the specially designed ...