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LPCB AMPU Approved Kitchen System

The Hydramist 15AMPU is the world's first LPS1223 approved high pressure watermist system designed for fighting deep fat fryer fires.

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Compact Wet Pump Unit

The Hydramist Compact Wet Pump Unit uses a combination of 15 and 18 litre/min high pressure pumps operating at 100 - 120 bar. A flow regulating by-pass valve ensures a constant pressure is achieved independently of the system flow demand. The unit can be configured to include pump redundancy, dependant on flow requirement.

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Dorsett Regency Hotel, Shepherds Bush, London

A high pressure Hydramist system was specified for the protection of the Dorsett Regency Hotel. The system was chosen as it enabled easy retrofitting into the current building. The system has been fully fire tested to the latest European Watermist specifications 2011 to Ordinary Hazard one (OH1). The Hydramist system was installed in the public areas, bedrooms and back of house and was ...


Hotels: Browns Hotel Central London

The risk of fire in hotels is always prevalent and safety is the utmost importance. HYDRAMIST fire suppression systems are installed in Browns Hotel, one of Londons most exclusive hotels and protects the risk from fire in their kitchens.

HYDRAMIST fire suppression systems deliver water as a fine atomised mist. This mist is quickly converted to steam which smothers the fire and prevents ...


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