Q1 Mobile Water Mist Sprinkler

  • Developed for existing living environments
  • Active fire protection in a room of approx. 25m2
  • 240V power
  • Smoke and heat detection

Q1 Mobile Water Mist Sprinkler

Q1-fire-suppression.jpgThe Q1 from Q-Fog is a new type of easily installed, enhanced fire protection system developed for existing living environments with a heightened need for fire protection. E.g. for the elderly, vulnerable, people with dementia or handicapped in care institutions or in their own home. The product is specifically designed to offer a fire protection system that is reliable, simple and cost effective.

  • Allows fire suppression systems to be fitted retrospectively
  • Suited for the majority of basic rooms in a domestic environment
  • Several rooms can be individually protected using only one Q1 unit
  • Successful full scale fire testing

The basic version of the Q-Fog Q1 shown in the picture offers active fire protection in a room of approx. 25m2.

q1-room-config.jpgHigh pressure water mist technology offers very effective fire suppression while minimizing water damage to buildings and belongings.

The Q1 requires no permanent installation allowing for low initial and running costs and minimal maintenance.

Q1 is activated early during a fire via the Siemens detector and delays fire growth. The chance of survival for the protected person increases dramatically. For maximum reliability in differing environments the Q1 can be equipped with multiple independent detectors monitoring smoke, flames and temperature rise.

By delaying the fire growth the Q1 reduces the risks during rescue.

The Q1 uses a programmable control system and can be connected to external alarm systems, e.g. red care phone systems, and can be equipped with a variety of additional functions.

The Q1 is perfectly suited for the majority of basic rooms in a domestic environment. It is reconfigurable - it can be adapted to offer the same high level of protection to other areas and rooms which have more challenging layouts.

The Q1 easily adapts to fit spaces that are outside that of a typical open plan room - such as those with lower ceilings, awkwardly sited walls and other key obstacles.

Individually controlled nozzles can be fitted and positioned to give additional optimal protection to higher risk areas.

Several rooms can be individually protected using only one Q1 unit. Just some of these potential applications are shown in the diagram below:


The Q1 unit has been subject to successful full scale fire testing at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland (2009) and passed its original testing at SINTEF (Now RISE Fire Research Association) Test report #102201.38 of October 3, 2007. The report contains an evaluation of the results reached with Q-Fog AB's system Q1 in trials performed at SINTEF NBL in October 2005. The tests were performed as a part of the project: "Water mist systems in care homes – A mapping of what effect mobile and easy movable water mist system has on fire safety in care homes".

Technical Data

Power suppl1 220-240 V. a.c 13A/16A
Detection Smoke and heat
Active time2 15 minutes
Protected area/Volume 25m2 / 60m3
Height 2300mm
Weight (empty) 65kg
Extinguishing agent 130 litres tap water
Installation Time Approximately from 2 hours

1depending on nozzles, 13A requires K-factor 1.04 instead of standard 0.75
2different presets adjustable in software