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United Nations MICT Arusha Tanzania

The evidence gathered for the criminal tribunals at UNMICT Arusha is stored in a high security archive and requires fire protection which provides the earliest activation without the risk of false alarm, whilst mitigating collateral damage to the evidence in the event of a system activation. 

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (the MICT) in Arusha Tanzania was established by the United Nations Security Council in 2010 to carry out a number of essential functions of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) after the completion of their mandate. The MICT comprises two branches. One branch covers functions inherited from the ICTR and is located in Arusha, Tanzania. The other branch is located in The Hague, Holland.

Description of Risk: UNMICT Tribunal evidence is stored on-site in a high security archive. The evidence consists of paper documents, photographs and videos. The risk of fire destroying the evidence could affect how a tribunal proceeds. Hydramist fire protection systems use only a small amount of water at high pressure to effectively suppress and control a fire, this minimises the risk of damage to the evidence and ensures the highest possibility of the evidence surviving the fire.

Description of Solution

Working closely with  FBW Group UK, Hydramist designed a pre-action Hydramist Archive fire protection system to protect both the main archive and the cold store at the Arusha UNMICT facility. Jandu Plumbers Tanzania were responsible for the installation of the Hydramist Pre-Action Archive fire Protection system, the first of its kind in Tanzania. Hydramist engineers provided on-site technical support throughout the installation.

A 2 stage activation control panel monitors signals from both the archive and cold room aspirating smoke detection system and activation of the first nozzle by heat is signalled via the air pressure monitoring system. When both signals are present the control system activates the relevant section valve and the pump automatically starts to provide water pressure within the system. 

The UNMICT project uses the latest Hydramist Modular Pump System (MPS)  pump design which offers the latest in connectivity, monitoring and space saving design. The MPS unit used at Arusha is the 400MPS capable of supplying 400L/min of water at up to 140Bar pressure.

Upon activation the 400MPS system starts 1 of 4 pumps to provide pressure and flow to the first nozzle and then monitors the pressure in the system to determine if more pumps will be required to cope with the number of nozzles activated.

The Hydramist archive nozzles used in the UNMICT project have been successfully real fire tested and are activated individually via 57oC heat sensitive bulbs incorporated into the fast acting Hydramist nozzle.